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Led Strips

Led Strips

AR LED offers a wide range of LED strip Lights both in SMD LEDs and with power LEDs. The strips are mounted on aluminum channel for heat dissipation. 1w / 3w power emitter LEDs are mounted on mc pcb to make LED channels for high lumen out put and higher ceiling coves.

The standard wattage of 5050 strips are 7w with 30 LED per miter and 14w with 60 LEDs per miter. The 3528 SMDs are 120 in numbers per miter. The power channels are available in 9w / 18w / 27w per mtr configuration and also can be customised as per requirment. In both the from RGB strips are also available.

All the types of LED strips are dimmable with AR LED dimmable ballasts both in Triac and Analog format which are compatible with all the leading dimmer panel available in the industry.

arl / str / h1

7w / 14w

arl / str / h2


arl / str / h3

9w / 18w / 27w

arl / str / h4

RGB Controller