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AR Lighting Electronics & Design provides both standard and custom outdoor lighting products. There is wide range of LED Bollard lights as Bollards lights being most prominent lighting fixture for landscape lighting spaces, options are with various configurations.

AR LED offers wide range of LED bollards with various wattage from 3w to 15w which are useful for small shrubs to lit large and higher landscapes and objects. It is available with both of LED types Emitter and COB, with and without optical lenses. AR LED Mushroom bollard has already been installed in hundreds in many institutional projects and hotel landscapes. Hi end sealants and resins are used in the 304 grade stainless steel body in order to make it product with protection upto Ip 65 & 67.



arle / bol / p1

3w / 6w / 9w / 18w

arle / bol / p2

6w / 10w / 15w

arle / bol / p3

6w / 10w / 15w

arle / bol / p4

6w / 10w / 15w

arle / bol / p5

 8w / 15w

arle / bol / p6

6w / 18w