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Track Lights

Track Lights

AR LED provides a vast range of New Generation LED Track Lights with special attention to applicability in art gallery object displays in retail spaces. Customisation with respect to design and power on put is an added advantage.

The COB based track spots are with inbuilt drivers. Gives the advantage to install multiple number of spots in a single track where as with the emitter LEDs there are wide range of optical lenses available to provide an accurate angle to focus the object,



arl / trl / g1

5w / 7w / 10w

arl / trl / g2

10w / 15w / 18w

arl / trl / g3

20w / 30w / 50w

arl / trl / g4

9w / 18w / 24w

arl / trl / g5

3w / 9w

arl / trl / g6

10w / 15w

arl / trl / g7

10w / 12w / 20w